Tuesday, January 17, 2012

I was visiting a friend of mine last summer and he took me to the woods to collect mushrooms, which I have no idea about. It was a nice weather and he told me a lof of stories about mushrooms, too bad I don't remember any of them!

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  1. I love these photographs, looks better than the ones taken with a digital camera - these were taken with an argentic isn't ?
    Nice place.


  2. thank you! I'm not really into digital photography, my heart belongs to film :)

  3. And you're right but films are expensive, this is why I don't use my argentic cameras a lot..


  4. film is really expensive (though u can buy expired, which is pretty good too), but I just like the quality and colors of the results so much more.. it's a totally different feeling shooting with a film camera!

  5. I totally agree with you, colors and quality is really different and better than photographs with digital cameras. Anyway, I didn't know we could buy expired films!

  6. Well, the whole post-prodaction and photoshop thing for digital photographs kills my desire to shoot digital, I don't really like editing photos with photoshop, it's a quite long and boring process.
    You can buy stuff like this on ebay! It's much cheaper than buying new films