Sunday, January 22, 2012


Olga Bennett isn't only a great photographer, she introduces on her blog other creative people whose work is very inspiring aswell! It's a good place to find some fresh and interesting ideas and I'm definitely looking forward to have enough money to buy her wonderful book "Environments" about creative workspaces!

"We love animals" by Crookers has followed me in the last few weeks, I just can't stop listining to it! Of course I'm making some breaks to find new music, but I'm always coming back to this song. For some reason it attracts me over and over.

I've seen work of Amy Borrell quite often in some blogs and cute magazines, but even though I've bookmarked it, I couldn't find it once I wanted to look at it again! It's the most annoying thing thing that can happen to one, if you can't find one specific thing you want to! I'm glad I've found her work in the latest issue of Frankie. I adore it very much, because it's so dreamy and reminds me on looking at some of my favourite books from childhood.

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  1. Oh, I love Amy Borrell's drawings, and you're right, it looks so dreamy. The colors, the soft ones, and the shapes.