Monday, January 27, 2014

romka #8

romka is one of those magazines that gives one a subtle feeling of closeness. it reminds me of my grandmothers letters and old photo albums with black and white photographs illustrating the whole family history. lighting up the memory they make little sweet details flash before one's eyes.

presenting one work of every photographer romka provides a story behind it, a sight into photographers soul and a little peace of his personality. at the first sight casual photos get really intimate once you get to know their story. the diversity of topics the photographers talk about can feed the hunger of every curios reader and expand one's horizon in a very unexpected way. I also liked the design of the magazine and little cute drawings hiding on its pages (ok it was actually only one drawing, but still sweet, so try to find it!). though I looked through it for a several times there are still undiscovered stories, so it's definitely a good investment.

more about it on romka's homepage.


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