Monday, March 4, 2013

Finally I got home (but only for two weeks or something, not more haha). It's a perfect time to reflect about a couple things and I guess I'm finally ready to MAKE some changes happen and not only keep dreaming and hoping everthing will work out my way. Lately I lost the focus concentrating on stuff that doesn't really matter to me (I still think partying is really fun, but being less eccentric may would be good for my reputation).

 Just saw a sweet movie called "The Art of Getting by". The main character pretty much reminds me of myself especially with all his motivation problems and days spent in his room THINKING about things, but not doing anything (typical). So if you feel lost (and I do feel lost really often caused by my love to question EVERYTHING 500 times a day), you'll may find some answers.

I have a lot of photos to scan these days, so back to work! Cheers

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