Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Sometimes it's not about a pefect image (actually pretty everytime except you are into fashion photography), but about the understanding of what are you doing, what do u want to express. Sounds so easy, but it took me years to understand. As a little perfectionist I've always tried to make a perfect picture, make a perfection from a simple moment (and it seems like I was successfull at it), but it is not what it all is about. Unbelievable, but a simple understanding of something in your head can bring everything into motion.

It's also not about being a perfect photographer, but about being able to SELL your own work. There is no perfection at all. No matter what other people say, your inner voice knows it better, just listen to it.

Last year was really hard for me, I got my heart broken, doubted everything and just couldn't find any harmony in my life. Today it seems so far away and so meaningless, I guess it's a part of growing up. To understand what do YOU really want and not what other people want you to do, no matter how hard it is to follow your intuition.

Still such a dreamer, but I'm learnng from it haha.

Vondelpark - california analog dream xxx from Ciarán Wood on Vimeo.

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