Thursday, August 8, 2013

spring in leipzig.

last monthes were soo busy. finally i've got a bit time to take a look at some of latest photos and dive into philosophical thinking about my life, work and uni. i'll try not to overthink. enjoy the photos, a lot of random stuff here.

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  1. Shame on me, I missed too much things. Anyway, I'm at a café near my new place in a new town still unknown to me - new brand life -, all this just to say that it's so hard to get a wifi or internet here. Once I'll get internet at home, I'll watch all this, I've been waiting for so long. Er, it's like I've already seen, or maybe not, but it sounds like I didn't checked it yet. Well, I'll be back soon. Good pictures as always. New kind of, but I'm not deceived at all, I love how you picture your days and life.